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order in the court 中文翻译 在法院的命令 例句: 1. Harry's job was to keep order in the court; he didn't have to be a first responder. 哈里的工作是保持在法庭秩序,他没有被第一个响应者。

court n. 法院, 庭院, 朝廷, 宫庭, 球场, 奉承, 求爱, 殷勤 vt. 向...献殷勤, 追求, 设法获得(他人的支持等), 博得(喝彩), 招致(失败、危险等) vi. 求爱



In England this takes the form of the community service order, under which the court is empowered to order anyone who is convicted of an offense that could be punished with imprisonment to perform up to 240 hours of unpaid work...

The National Labor Relations Board is seeking a court order that would require Boeing to maintain its second 787 assembly line in the Pacific ...

大致翻译一下,可能不是很准,水平略渣,你这里的句子有点断不好句。 通过阅读支持原告的声明,通过阅读2013年8月30日发表的传票。 法官判决原告需支付被告...

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