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order in the court 中文翻译 在法院的命令 例句: 1. Harry's job was to keep order in the court; he didn't have to be a first responder. 哈里的工作是保持在法庭秩序,他没有被第一个响应者。

court n. 法院, 庭院, 朝廷, 宫庭, 球场, 奉承, 求爱, 殷勤 vt. 向...献殷勤, 追求, 设法获得(他人的支持等), 博得(喝彩), 招致(失败、危险等) vi. 求爱

or if a court of competent jurisdiction makes an order to that effect, or if the other party becomes subject to an administration order or enters ...

Original birth / marriage / divorce court order (judgement, petition and divorce certificate)/annulment or legal separation court orders you and/or your ...

第一封邮件是:PayPal received a Court Order on March 28, 2013 from Greer Burns & Crain inthe matter of Coach, Inc., et al. v. The Partnerships, ...

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