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你好! It is the tail wagging the dog. 这只是个单句,不是复合句。 这个句子语意不通,建议更改为 It is the dog wagging the tail 或 It is the dog with the tail wagging 一条摇着尾巴的狗。

这种实力相当的阵容一般都有戏。 如果说政治是作秀,政客拼演技,那么难免有穿帮的时候,补漏先生和制片人的角色就显得很重要。 []

The way you pet a dog can make you his favorite person — or the ...his tail held out at medium height behind him, with a wide sweeping wag...

One man’s best friend and choice only he could make. This is the story of a dog named Spook. From his nose to the point of his tail, he was the king as a king, he ruled me with love. When I was called into the army, I had no cl...

dog.It has a pair of lovely straight ears.It will wag its tail when ...the dog for half an hour and twice everyday.It will be happy when ...

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